PROMPT: What brings you joy in life?

This was a really fun list to make and reminds me of all the things that have been some of the more important parts of my healing journey. The more I grow and heal, the more I’m learning to enjoy in life and it’s fun! Sometimes I feel like a kid learning to see the world with curiosity again. Or like a plant with fresh growth, coming alive. Whatever it is, these are my good things.

HUGS! I’m a physical touch person. It helps break me out of my thoughts and inner world. It immediately makes me feel loved and connected to community.
Plants. I love tending to them and buying more.
Cooking and baking. I am learning new recipes and that makes me feel really good about myself.
Writing. Expressing myself with writing is like drinking water. I feel better when I do it and feel sick and gross when I don’t.
Story. Movies, tv shows, books, people… you name it and I want to know it.
Mornings! Give me all the sunshine and coffee, please. I love sitting still before a day begins. (Weekends with sunshine are the best. Weekdays, I’m up and out before the sun. Boo.)
Dancing. I love learning new choreography and the physical challenge of it. This has been developed the most as an adult, ironically. I liked it a lot as a kid and was completely enamored with all of it, but financially it was never an option in our family. I found a free dance workout class as an adult, and it was an immediate love. It’s NEVER too late!
Languages. Ok, I nerd out hard for languages, which is probably connected to my love of writing, reading, storytelling, and words in general. Mostly romance and germainic languages, but I’ve definitely dabbled in others. Apps, books, movies, being immersed in a foreign language conversations… I really appreciate all of it.
Making lists. Like this one. There’s something about sitting and physically writing with a pen or pencil that makes me feel mentally organized. I feel better when I make lists.
Christmas lights. All year. This started during my season with my first counselor when she started encouraging me to create a safe and comforting place within my home, especially in my bedroom. My bookshelf and desk are both wrapped up with Christmas lights. Sometimes at night, I’ll turn off all other lights and it never fails to work a little comfort and healing in my heart.

Long walks. I love sunshine in case I haven’t mentioned that, but I also just enjoy being outside in nature and getting fresh air.
Fur babies. I’m partial to my very cuddly and social kitty, but I’ll pretty much fall for anything with fur. ANYthing.
Water. I love living near water. Gulfs, lakes, rivers… Water has such a calming presence on me. I have written a post or two while sitting in my car park on a lake. It’s my processing place. I go when I’m feeling overwhelmed and need to think, journal, read, or just sit.

Oh and WEEKENDS! As a teacher I will shamelessly say that there is nothing that compares to turning off my computer and walking out the school doors on a Friday evening. The glee is almost tangible.

And with that, happy Friday! What brings you joy? 💚

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